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Anime Nights put on hold

Due to my being back in school I've put Anime Nights on hold. (Mostly right now because we're getting into Mid-terms)

Next Meet Date

We only made it through Howl's Moving Castle last time but it was alright.

The next meet date won't exactly be an anime only night.  My birthday is September 18 and that night (Friday) I'll be having people over for a movie night.

We'll be watching for sure:

-Sailor Moon;
     Episodes 1 (A moon star is born) and 2 (Talk Radio) [English]

-The Cat Returns

-Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz  [English]

The rest is to be decided.


Next Meeting Date

There is a 50/50 chance that there will be an Anime Night held on Saturday, September 5 2009 as I will be going away on Thursday for Camping.  If someone else feels so inclined to host one please feel free but I will update with more information as I know.

Currently YES there will be an Anime night on Saturday night, however it may change.

The viewing schedule will be:

1.  Howl's Moving Castle

2.  Lupin the 3rd:  Voyage to Danger

3.  X the movie

Just a reminder to everyone that noise levels have to be kept down after a certain time (generally 10pm) because I do live at home and I'd like to let my mother sleep.

Also, remember to bring $5 for pizza.  Pizza from Pizza hotline is $16.05 for one pizza (not including if we buy drinks), Two is in the mid $20 range, and 3 is $30 something.  Drinks not included in the price.

If anyone has any suggestions for food to eat rather than Pizza let me know.  It's also greatly appreciated if people bring bags of chips or popcorn.


August 29 2009 Follow up

Pretty good despite there being so few of us there.  We ended up watching Final Fantasy Advent Children (again lol) and Kiddy Grade Ep. 1-3.  After that there was some video games and so on.

Prospective next meet date:  Saturday September 5 2009


Next date of an Anime Night Meet

The next meet will take place Saturday August 29 at 6:00pm.

Latecomers are always welcome.  (However I would prefer everyone attending be there by 9:30 pm no later.  The later you arrive the more you miss)

People needing locations/directions please message me.

The lineup for Saturday night is:

1.  Cowboy Bebop The Movie

2.  Kiddy Grade Ep 1-3

3.  Gankutsuou Ep 6-8 (time permitting)

*Remember to bring either a bag of chips, bottle of pop, or $5 for pizza so that we can all snack on stuff.  Please reply to this if you will be bringing anything foodwise.*